Monday, June 18, 2012

My Daughter's Pre-K Graduation

There are events in life when we feel that time is flying by fast. Here is one event that made me feel that way. My daughter's Pre-K graduation. It seemed just like yesterday when I was buying her uniform for preschool and here we are now, at the end of that road and off to a new one. 

I only have one child and it is only once that she will graduate from preschool so I could not pass the opportunity to create a cake for her and her classmates. 

This cake was partly inspired by Amber McKenney of Sweet on Cake's stack of Dr. Seuss books.  She was kind enough to share tips on how she did her awesome book. Thank you Amber! Here is my take on the stack, having the top opened and surrounded by all the graduates.

 My Izzie looking like she is holding up the crayon with her friends.

Top of the book. I had my daughter color the page then scanned it. I thought it would be a good keepsake as well.

Spines of book. Wish I had longer edible sheets. 

Congratulations Izzie! Mommy & Daddy loves you! 


  1. ur amazing at this cake decorating!

  2. Hi! i'm Flor from Spain...i love your hace magical hands..Congratulations for your work...Kisses!

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