Saturday, March 12, 2011

3 Days with the Master of Sugar Flowers

Here it 3 days with the ONE and the ONLY Ron-Ben Israel of Ron-Ben Israel Cakes.

Question and answer with Ron

Ron is known to the cake world as the master of sugar flowers. My 3 days in his class validates all rumors. He was amazing. His techniques and flowers were spot on. They were beautiful, graceful and so life like. But more than just sugar flowers, his cakes are amazing as well. If you have not seen them, it is worth the time to check them out. They are clean and precise, the way I would want my cakes to be.

I am an amateur when it comes to sugar flowers. My definition of flowers don't go past beyond the cut out flowers I made for my Tangled cake. I did take a class 15 years ago but I did not care for them. They did not inspire me. Ron's class completely changed my views on sugar flowers. I have an increased appreciation and the confidence to try them once again.

Here are some photos taken from class plus photos of the flowers I made. Well, what's left of them. Unfortunately, some of my flowers did not make it safely back particularly the roses (which were my fave!). I still wanted to share them just the same.

Sweet peas

Sweet peas, rose buds, peony and hydrangeas

My poor rose...

Ron's sugar flowers. The photo don't do it justice.

I pass!

Thank you Ron for sharing your talent. I am truly grateful for this opportunity. Thank you too to Minette Rushing of Custom Cakes for being such a gracious hostess.