Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Johanna and Her Cake

Expecting mom Johanna was kind enough to let me post her picture with the cake I made for her. Again, congratulations Johanna and welcome Elizabeth Alexandra!

My Wedding Cake 2006

Looking through old photos, I found my wedding cake. I literally tried to replicate the front cover of Margaret Braun's book, Cake Walk. I purchased the book long before I even got engaged. I just fell in love with the whole book!

Photo taken by Patrick Uy

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Princess Baby Shoes

This cake is for my niece Cara who just turned a month old. The shoe is actually inspired by a pair of kids converse decorated by the Posh Princess Boutique. To go with the black and pink scheme, I went for a pink bow with black stitching.

I'm happy with the way the cake turned out especially that I only found out about the celebration a day before. Thank goodness hubby was off from work too!

Happy Month Old Birthday Little Cara!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oilily Diaper Bag Cake

Here's the other of the 2 cakes I did this week. While other was "smooth sailing", this was was the complete opposite. It first started out well. I was a little behind because of my little girl but I knew I'd catch up of which I did. Day before this cake was due at about 3pm, I got the cake covered with fondant. I had the cake sit on a bucket since I had the other cake sitting on the turntable. As I was getting ready to start painting the cake, I must have accidentally hit the base board. It was such a blur but the next thing I know I see the cake FALL. Yes, it fell. Still on the table but the cake came off the board and my fondant work was ruined. My heart sunk. It being a bag, I had to do the entire cake over since the pieces are all connected.

The cake was due 4pm Saturday together with 30 cupcakes. I was rushing like crazy yet I failed to finish on time. It was suppose to be a pick up but I offered to deliver knowing I won't get it done on time. We (with hubby from work and baby in pj's) got to the venue 45 minutes late and I still had to put some details on the cake.

Exact words written on the changing pad that came with the bag. Contrary to what this says, I was actually stressed out and shaking writing this plaque because it was already 4pm! I guess this bag was sending me a message...

Despite the rush and the big disaster, things ended with a happy note. I did realize that I missed out on a few details that I had intended to put but everyone loved the cake. The biggest surprise for the expecting mom and guests was when she opened my aunt's gift, it was the diaper bag itself. Everyone said, "It's the cake!" :)

Cupcakes - simple as requested

Congratulations Johanna! Welcome baby Elizabeth Alexandra!

Ahoy There!

Inspired by a set of baby bedding, this sailboat cake is one of the two baby shower cakes I made this week (even due the same day!). I enjoyed doing this cake. It involved a lot of planning and advance work but overall, it was fairly easy to decorate and "smooth sailing".

3 layers of chocolate cake filled with vanilla buttercream. Everyone's fave :)

Have a smooth sailing day everyone!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Pastrychik Cake

I've been itching to recreate the cake on the business card my sister Tara made for me and I finally got the chance to do so this week. It's similar to the cake I made for Izzie's 1st birthday with a different top. I was rushing to do this before I work on actual cake orders that I didn't sit to think about this cake and everything involved before working on it. I just grabbed a couple of pound cakes I had in the freezer and started working on it. Bad idea! Was so frustrated that I had to repeat the top portion three times! I wanted to throw this cake out the window! Ha!

Overall, I'm happy with how the cake looks even if it's not perfect. I'm glad too that I had to go through those frustrating moments which I should take note of for next time.

Have a great topsy turvy day everyone!