Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rusty Poo

Rusty!!! FOOD!!!

Rusty is the family dog and he's loved by everyone. He originally belonged to my youngest sister then passed on for awhile from me to my cousin and is now finally with my other sister, Didi. Rusty now is their baby and he'll be moving to Philadelphia with them in a few months (sniff!). Last year for Didi's birthday, I made her a tennis bag cake (see May 2009 post, "lets play tennis"). This year, I could not think of anything Didi would like in her cake then I thought of their baby-- Rusty!

I dressed Rusty in a tux inspired by one he wore for my wedding. He was still a baby then and looked quite handsome in his little tux. With a day to work on this cake, I was on it. Luckily, Rusty was around while I was making the cake so I had him as a model. This is my first 3D dog cake so I'm not sure if I got him right. I for sure made him a little fatter than he actually is after I put on all the clothing.

Rusty with his look a like (I hope!) cake

Happy Birthday Sis!! We're going to miss you all when you all when you move to Philly. Who's going to have dimsum with us every Sunday when you leave? :(

Go Clayton Go!

Clayton turned 4 and had a fun celebration at Safari Run. As the name suggests, the place gives you a feel of the Safari with animal prints and stuffed animals. To go with the theme, my loyal customer who is Clay's mom got him a Diego cake and cupcakes with safari animal toppers.

These aren't good photos of the cake but I thought I'd share still. The cake is iced in buttercream with 2D fondant accents and airbrushed background. Cupcakes are 2D as well. I made 6 different animals for variety. Here's 3 of the 6.

Go Clayton Go! Happy Birthday!!!

Wiggles To the Big Red Car!

"Toot Toot Chuga Chuga Big Red Car...We're driving near and we're driving far..." Having last song syndrome since I made this cake. Plus, my daughter asks me to sing it in the car too!

Jonas turns 2 and he's a big Wiggles fan. His mom decided to throw him the most fun Wiggles party and even asks the guests to come in their favorite Wiggles color. For his cake, they decided on the Wiggles' big red car though this one is actually quite small.

Greg, Murray, Jeff (sleeping) and Anthony

The car sits on a 10 inch cake with the Wiggles house as a backdrop. Everything is edible including the house. This car is my 2nd car cake. Being small, the way I carved this cake was completely different from my first car cake. The one thing they have in common is they're both red :) I wonder if the next car I'll make will be red too! I do think for next time, I'm going to need tips from the guru of car cakes - Debbie Goard of Debbie Does Cakes. She makes the most amazing dogs, cars, food, and all other things you can possibly imagine.

Happy Birthday Jonas! Thank you for having us at your Wiggles party!