Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Your Birthday Is, Young Obi Wong

I am girly girl and grew up with sisters. I know of Star Wars and may have watched it before but I can barely remember details. I do know the characters, well, some of them at least. So creating anything Star Wars goes beyond my comfort zone. 

When I got a request to make a Yoda cake, I initially held back thinking I will decline their request considering I had 3 days to make it. Just minutes before I made the phone call to Bauer Obi's mom, I somehow changed my mind. The crazy voice inside my head was telling me to take the challenge. The call happened. Done. I was going to do Yoda.

Here is how my Yoda looks. I was worried to get the reaction of Bauer's dad as he is a big Star Wars fan. Naming his child Obi says it all. But to my delight, I got an email with such great response. Likewise from friends and peers who are Star Wars fans. I do feel I could do better next time and I do know which areas to adjust. That is IF there will be a next time. Any other Star Wars fans out there? Honest opinions are welcome!

To Young Obi, Happy 1st Birthday! And to Simon and May, thank you for the opportunity to challenge myself and for having my Yoda be part of such a special occasion.

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  1. this is an amazing cake!!! it has the real expression which is awesome!!! Congrats!!!