Friday, May 20, 2011

Natalie's Pokemon Cake

When Pokemon was first introduced in the 90's, I recall it to be such a hit to youngsters as my my nephews and nieces were fanatics. They collected toys, games, cards and even traded. When I got a request for this Pokemon cake, I was actually surprised that he is still popular and kids still love the little yellow character!


Natalie turns 8, loves Pokemon and knows what she wants on her cake: her 3 favorite pokemon characters and a big number 8. Her aunt and uncle got this special cake for her and she loved it. So did the other kids. I was told that before the balloons got on the cake, the kids had to have a taste of them and bite marks all around. Natalie on the other hand, was protecting it from all the other kids as you can see in the photo below.

This cake was simple to make: round covered with fondant and a cut out number 8. But I had to get my characters spot on since Natalie knew her characters. I took extra time to make sure they were as close the character. Natalie's smile tells me it was worth it.

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