Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ariel & Nemo

You have probably seen a couple of my cakes with the name “Cayleigh” on it. This cake doesn’t have her name on it but it is for little Cayleigh. She turns 1 and celebrates her birthday with her brother Clayton at a local aquarium. To go with the underwater theme, her mom requests for an Ariel and Nemo cake.

All my cakes have always had gumpste, fondant or modeling chocolate figures. With this cake, I decided to make Nemo and Ariel (figures only, not the shell or reef) out polymer clay. It wasn’t easy as I thought but it wasn’t hard either. The hardest part really is kneading it. You really need to work it! It also attracts a lot of dirt so you have to keep your work area and hands extra clean. But the good thing about polymer clay other than it being a keepsake is you can add details to it even after baking. Of the 2 figures I first made Nemo and he originally looked like a tadpole. Seriously! But after the initial baking, I built it up and added more cheeks and it was then that he looked like Nemo.

Here’s a close up of Nemo.

And here are the cute celebrants! Happy Birthday!

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