Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hello Kitty aka "Kitty"

When my Izzie was 2, she would call Hello Kitty "Kitty Cat". Little Annika who turns 2 calls Hello Kitty "Kitty!". So for remainder of this post, I shall refer to the famous cat "Kitty" since this is about Annika and her cake.

Here’s a little about Annika...she was born during spring time of 2009...she’s a cutie...and she LOVES "Kitty". So what would be a perfect cake for her? Hello Kitty that feels like spring!

Here is Annika’s special cake. Hello Kitty’s body is made out of rice cereal treats while the head is styrofoam covered with chocolate and fondant. Cake was chocolate with vanilla buttercream covered with fondant as well.

After the party, I got a sweet email from Annika’s mom saying how Annika loved it. Few weeks later, she shared some photos of Annika’s party. And she wasn’t kidding when she said Annika loved it! The photo below shows proof that she really DID love it.

Most people say kids are easy to please. On the contrary, kids these days are quite critical too! So I say they are actually the best critics. You get an honest opinion when you ask for one. I didn't ask for one this time but the reaction above says it all.


  1. stupenda e ben rifinita!
    posso chiederti la ricetta della tua pasta di zucchero?

  2. Your work is absolutely stunning.

  3. Hello there!!! I must tell you, I love your work!!!... And I have a question... how is the mix you used for kitty's body?... the one of rice cereal?... :D Thank you so much!!

  4. Thank you all!
    Gaby, I just use purchased rice cereal treats by Kellogs as it is more convenient.

    1. Hi, your cake is very nice. About the cereal that you used in the body, can you post the procedure or can you email it to me, its charlessarita@gmail.com thanks!

  5. hi, this is a lovely cake and it's very neat. did you sculpt the kitty head from the styrofoam?