Saturday, April 2, 2011


Last year, I was given the opportunity to make Gabriel's baptismal cake. Now he turns 1 and his is wonderful mom, Katrina, decided on Pocoyo for his theme since he looks much like Pocoyo! I have never heard of Pocoyo till now and after watching a few videos and checking out their official website, I was sold.

Here is a simple cake I made for the birthday boy. Pocoyo is made out of rice cereal treats. The birthday cake beside Pocoyo is cake whose design is based on one of the show's episodes.

We can't leave the back part of the cake without a story. Here it is. We can't have a party without gifts right?

Till next time Gabriel, happy 1st birthday!


  1. This is so freaking cute!
    Danielle x

  2. Where do you live I love and want this cake.

  3. This is so cute. Now my little sister wants one for her birthday. It'll be hard to find someone who can make this from where we live. ;_;