Monday, September 7, 2009

Maia's Bear in the Garden Cake

This cake is for a little girl who actually saw Mia's toy box cake. At the party, I recall a little girl asking for the teddy bear figure that I made. Later on, I found out that little girl was Maia. Her mom said that since that day she got the bear figure at the party, all she wanted was for her birthday cake to have a bear. We did several sketches and landed on this one. I don't draw well but she liked my sketch which had her name in a cloud.

Flower pot candle holder

Maia's house


Full view of cake

This is me covering the cake board with fondant

Soon after the party, I got a call from Maia's mom. They loved the cake and Maia didn't want the top layer touched so they took it home. I was happy that Maia was happy! :)

Happy Birthday Maia! So glad you liked your cake!


  1. It's perfect - I love all the little details. Those ladybugs are so tiny!

  2. Thank you Sweethings! Yes the lady bugs were tiny :) I actually realized after making the cake I should have made them a bit bigger! Ha!

  3. how you are able to make such intricate details is simply unbelievable. i love the tiny lady bugs! and the snails!! :)

  4. Oh my!! I just discover your blog and I fell in love with everything!! You are amazing!! I'm from Brazil and just got into the cake world! Can I ask you something? Which kid of alphabet cutters did you use in this cake? It's gorgeous!!