Wednesday, September 23, 2009

For My Biggest Fan

My daughter turned 2 the 18th of September and months before, I told myself that I will make Izzie the best Minnie Mouse cake I can possibly make. She is my biggest fan (aside from my hubby). When I work on cakes, even when it's not done, she always says "Nice cake!" It melts my heart!

Unfinished Minnie Mouse Cake

My hubby was my handy man for this cake. He helped me a lot with structural support. We went to our favorite store Home Depot and picked out different sizes of PVC pipes and connectors (I don't know if this is the right word for this). This is my first cake supported with such a structure and the biggest 3D cake I've ever made -- over 2 feet high. Luckily, my hubby was just as excited to work on this cake as I am!

The idea I had for this cake was for Minnie Mouse to hold a cake which Izzie will blow. As seen on the photos, she has one hand palms up. Unfortunately, since all of the weight gravitated towards the front, adding the cake will bear more weight and possibly make Minnie's torso split even with the suppport. There already is a small crack on the side of the dress and in the back which happened while finishing the arm and during transport. I had to settle on a cupcake and have the small cake on the side.

Minnie's head is made out of styrofoam. A very good friend of mine who just happened to be in town from the Philippines helped me carve the nose and part of the head. I then formed the cheeks and further contoured the nose and covered it partly with fondant and part with modeling chocolate. It was my first time to use modeling chocolate and I wish I had done more research on how to use it. I ended up with a bumpy Minnie face! :( It is said that modeling chocolate does not leave a seam when patched together. For the most part, I did not have one but on some parts, you could see where they were pieced together. I know better next time. IF there is a next time!

The body is made out of cake and rice krispies. I used 3 layers of firm cake filled with buttercream frosting then covered with fondant. Arms and feet were covered part with modeling chocolate and part fondant.

My Family :)

The cake that was supposed to sit on Minnie's hand

Donald Duck's Hat and Mickey Mouse Head

Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck's Bow

Goofy's Hat

I don't know if I can ever make this cake again and it is far from perfect but I am very happy that my daughter loved it. That's all that matters. She would kiss Minnie's nose before she went to bed and would wake up every morning, walk up to the cake and say "Minnie Mouse!". She did say once "WOW! Minnie Mouse! Big nose!" Haha! But right after, she said "Nice cake!" :)

I love you so much my Izzie bee and happy birthday!


  1. Unbelievable - this is just amazing And all the cupcakes - what a lucky girl your daughter is. I wonder what her 3rd birthday will bring! :-)

  2. Thanks SweetThings!! Haha I'm thinking simple for her 3rd birthday not unless I feel a little crazy again hehe!

  3. waoooooo this is a fantastic cake

  4. Gosh..i think this is just amazing! This is one of the best minnie mouse cake i've ever seen! Seriously, i can't see any imperfections that you described!