Saturday, September 5, 2009

Birthday Cupcakes

I've been so behind on updating my blog and I hope to catch up this week. Here's one to start...

I made these cupcakes for a group of people celebrating their birthdays. It was a mix of male and female celebrants so I had to think PARTY: cupcakes, cake, balloons, party hats and some burgers and fries!


Care for a slice?


Burgers and fries anyone?

Can't have a party without balloons!

Thank you to my friend Kay Anne who took all the beautiful photos.


  1. Wow - the details are just amazing! How fun!

  2. burger and fries for me, please! :)
    you make the most amazing cupcakes, bru!

  3. I wish I had half your talent. You need to be partners with Martha Stewart. I'm jealous :) I am trying to make cupcake toppers for my mickey mouse and minnie mouse party for my twins. Did you put buttercream on your cupcake in this post? Then fondant?

  4. Aww...thanks :) I did use a little buttercream first before putting on the fondant. I'm sure you'll do just fine :)