Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just for Fun

A few months ago, there was a posting on youtube for a cake contest for cake decorators. I thought about it and I was like what the heck, lets do it for fun!

I did join a contest years ago when I just moved to the United States back in 2001 in Texas. Again, I did it for fun. One of the judges then was Kerry Vincent, who is now the judge for Food Network Challenge. I did not win then since I did not read the rules well. I used fake pearls which is a big no-no for cake contests. But the judges were nice enough not to disqualify me. They still took the time to judge my cake but they could not place me :( Kerry Vincent asked me to enter it again and just remove the pearls at the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show for which I signed up for. Unfortunately, 9/11 happened and my protective family prohibited me from attending for security reasons. Photo of the cake below. It looked good then. Now it really looks ... not so nice and so outdated! Ha!

The youtube cake contest theme was candy. You could use the actual candy, or replicate a candy in cake. I wanted to do something different and started browsing the net for ideas. I came across some Snoopy Russian dolls and loved it! That was then I thought of doing Russian dolls with the M&M characters on it.

I call my piece "The Search for the Missing Tomato". All pieces contain cake (just the bottom half) while the smallest one contains a hand molded tomtato M&M. That's where the missing tomato was hiding! This is technically like a cupcake holder. You could pop out the cake and still keep the shell. I still have these sitting on my dad's display case but I forgot to remove the cake that they got stuck onto the shell because of the heat.

I did not place the first time I joined a contest but this time, I am happy to say that I did.

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