Thursday, November 4, 2010

Emilio Rocks!

Emilio turns 4 and his awesome mom Trina creates a rockin' party for him filled with music and fun. Trina wanted a simple 2 tiered cake with subdued colors of avocado green and charcoal gray for her son's cake, inspired by a card she saw on Etsy. Here's what I came up with and I'm glad to hear they liked it!

Happy 4th birthday Emilio!


  1. Amazing!!! I love your work, I'm from Brazil and so happy for found your blog!

    Kisses from Brazil

    PS: Sorry my english...

  2. Thank you Dani! Appreciate you reading my blog. And your English is great don't worry :)

  3. Looks so perfect! Love the wordings and how elegant the cake looks!

    Do you mind sharing how you got the guitar and number to stand? Thanks in advance!

  4. Thanks BImmer and Francesa!
    @Bimmer: There was a lollipop stick adhered to the back of the number 4. For the guitar, I inserted a bbq stick in the middle to keep it upright.