Thursday, November 4, 2010

Aiden loves Elmo

Aiden loves Elmo. For his 1st birthday, his mom asked me to make a cake of Elmo with his piano. I deliberated between making a 2D cake but I could not resist making a mini set of Elmo's World, the show on Sesame Street that features Elmo and his piano. I did a rough sketch of how I would do it and my Izzie said she wanted that cake too! With that, I went for the set.

The cake is chocolate filled with mocha and vanilla buttercream, iced with buttercream as well then adorned with fondant accents. Everything is edible except the backing of the wall. Elmo's piano top needed to slant a bit and I know that for a fact since I just came from Elmo's World Live in Sesame Place, Philadelphia.

Happy 1st Birthday Aiden!!! Next time I'll tell your mommy not to hold back when you want to touch Elmo!