Sunday, September 26, 2010

Movie and a Popcorn

Enzo's cake
Disney themed with gumdrops

I have not made the same cake twice in years since everyone has different themes in mind. But this cake I feel is very versatile. With minor detail adjustments, you can personalize the cake to the celebrant's request.

Enzo turns 1 while Bella turns 10. When I got the request for Enzo's cake to reflect different Disney characters and with the budget she had, I thought of a movie reel and of course, we can't leave out the popcorn! Bella on the other hand, didn't have a particular theme in mind but was having a slumber party with 10 of her closest friends. With slumber parties at that age, you talk about your favorite shows or watch a movie. These cakes were only days apart and after showing Enzo's cake, Bella's mom wanted the same with a few changes.

Bella's cake
With her favorite shows, hand painted personalized m&ms

Some cake details up close

A lot of people have done their own version of a movie themed cake but if you're a cake maker reading this and you're given a budget for a cake with different elements, consider this. I think it works! Plus, I enjoyed every minute making those popcorn kernels.


  1. I love this cake! I would love to feature it in a movie cake roundup I am writing. Would that be ok with you? I will assign credit of course.

    Is that fondant that you used for the pretzel and popcorn box? It's so great!!

    1. Yes, that would be fine. Please share when you have it up. Would love to read your article! Yes, the pretzel is fondant. Popcorn bag is cake covered with fondant to look like the bag.