Saturday, September 25, 2010

Precious Cayleigh

Baby Cayleigh is welcomed into the Christian world with a cake that holds a Precious Moments inspired figure of a girl praying with a bear per request of her mom. Cayleigh's mom is one of my favorite regular customer and the best part is she leaves the design of the cake to me! Here's what I came up with, inspired by Dot and Grace of Cupcakes by Design.

The base is completely covered with pieces of fondant to embody a quilt. To match, I added a quilted heart on the top tier. Cayleigh's name is stamped with floral accents.

Welcome to the Christian world little princess Cayleigh!


  1. Cayleigh is my goddaughter, and I wish I was there for the event. Unfortunately, I was riddled with work and previous engagements. :-(
    Your cakes are always a hit on Cel's parties; people anticipating what the next one would look like! And boy, we are never disappointed!

  2. Thank you, Faithy!
    Thank you, Bonn! I am glad to hear such positive comments from someone who has actually seen the cakes up close :) Thank you to for taking the time to check out my blog post.