Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lets Play Tennis!

While I have the time, I'm posting a couple of cakes both tennis in theme. 

The tennis bag I made for my sister's 30th birthday. It's my 1st bag cake and I'm pretty happy with it though I know I could have done more. She loves blue hence the color and daschunds hence the bag tag (she actually has the same exact tag). This cake was also the thickest cake I've made - 6 inches high - 3 layers: two layers of my mom's famous chocolate cake and one layer of butter cake as requested by my sister, vanilla buttercream filling. Made the tennis balls out of rice krispies. It's my 1st time working with rice krispies and had trouble getting the fondant to stick at the start and not having the krispies bump but after a couple of tries, it all worked out. 

The tennis racket I made for a friend's hubby who likes the color green and play tennis of course. Carved the cake out of a 9x13 cake. Again, chocolate cake (everyone just loves this). 

Happy viewing! 

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