Saturday, May 9, 2009

Busy April

April's always a busy month for me because my parents come visit. It was extra busy this month because I had to do 3 cakes on top of the daily house chores and tending to a 19 month old on her terrible twos stage. Made 1 for my dad, 1 for my sister (the tennis bag in my previous post) and another for a friend's daughter turning 2. 

My Dad's Cake : set up based on my parent's house (thanks to my sister who helped me paint the scenery, my sister's dog Rusty, my dad's mobile phone and his favorite books (guns and cars). It was is big 60th birthday so I decided to do something more than his favorite Tres Leches cake. I've done gumpaste animals before but it's my first time making people figures and I was quite happy with how it looked. I could do better I know but I guess it's good for a first try :)

Sesame Street Gift Box: inspired by a cake I saw on awhile back. The mom of the little girl wanted the street sign on the cake so I decided to have it as a gift tag.