Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ria's Leotards

This cake is for Ria who is a great rhythmic gymnast. She is actually getting this as an advance birthday present since she is going to compete in Prague. Her mom gave me a photo of one of the leotards she uses in competitions to replicate in cake. In reality her dress is filled with gems and rhinestones but for cake and budget, I had to hand painting the details and painting the yellow parts with gold dust for shine.

Side view of the cake

I truly enjoyed making this cake. It gave the chance to paint and pipe, 2 things I don't get to do much these days. I hope to do more cakes that involve a variety of techniques vs just figure modelling.

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  1. At first i didn't even realize this was a cake! This has got to be the most creative cake i've seen in such a long time! Amazing job on this cake!