Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rusty Poo

Rusty!!! FOOD!!!

Rusty is the family dog and he's loved by everyone. He originally belonged to my youngest sister then passed on for awhile from me to my cousin and is now finally with my other sister, Didi. Rusty now is their baby and he'll be moving to Philadelphia with them in a few months (sniff!). Last year for Didi's birthday, I made her a tennis bag cake (see May 2009 post, "lets play tennis"). This year, I could not think of anything Didi would like in her cake then I thought of their baby-- Rusty!

I dressed Rusty in a tux inspired by one he wore for my wedding. He was still a baby then and looked quite handsome in his little tux. With a day to work on this cake, I was on it. Luckily, Rusty was around while I was making the cake so I had him as a model. This is my first 3D dog cake so I'm not sure if I got him right. I for sure made him a little fatter than he actually is after I put on all the clothing.

Rusty with his look a like (I hope!) cake

Happy Birthday Sis!! We're going to miss you all when you all when you move to Philly. Who's going to have dimsum with us every Sunday when you leave? :(


  1. Wow Pastrychik you are amazing. I found you through u-tube while I was searching to do a book cake and found your graduation cake. Then I found your "mia toy box." You are seriously talented. And talented with perfection, I see no flaws in your cakes. That is hard to do. I've been doing cakes for about 2 years now and I can't figure out how to make them flawless. You are amazing, i'll definitely be following your blog. Thank you for posting pictures!