Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cayleigh's Care Bear

Food brings people together and it goes the same way for cakes. A friend of mine from college contacted me years ago that she moved to the Bay Area after being newly married. Despite how small the world is, we never had a chance to meet up or bump into each other. This cake (and another one before this actually) gave us that chance to finally see each again after 10 years!

Celeste is having her second child - a baby girl - anytime soon. She was having a Care Bear theme baby shower party hosted by her good friend, of whom I've made a cake for as well. She requested for a 9 inch Red Velvet cake with coordinating chocolate cupcakes that had powers of the different Care Bears. I failed to take a photo of the cupcakes (with regrets!) but here are photos the cake.

A pair of Robeez with Share Bear's Powers

Cel specifically wanted a pair of baby shoes sitting on a cloud. I decided on border that embodied a rainbow and on the side, clouds with punched out hearts on some. I used different colored letter for the message just like the Care Bear logo as well. My little Izzie was the judge of this cake. When she said "That's Izzie's cake, Mama!", I knew she liked it and I was happy.

Border and side of cake

Can't wait to meet you baby Cayleigh! Congratulations Cel. See you soon!


  1. OMG!! I absolutely ADORE the rainbow border on this cake! Is it just fondant 'snakes', or did you use some other technique?! Keep up the great job!


  2. The little booties so cute! And i love how you did the rainbow around the side of the cake! How do you get it done so neat and so perfect? Incredible!

  3. Thanks Jenniffer and Faithy!
    @Jenniffer: just snakes...and patience :)

  4. hay rheena,

    ur cakes are really works of art. u shouldn;t forget to take fotos in each of them. it's very nice to see all of ur portfolio....keep posting and keep baking!

  5. So the rainbow around the original. Love all your creations so far.Well done Rheena, I look forward to seeing more creations of yours.

  6. Thank you Marie for taking the time to read my blog. Appreciate it!

  7. Thank you very much Sugar Pot! (Wish I knew your name so I could address you properly). You make wonderful creations too!