Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pooh and Piglet

My very first posting here on blogspot was a Sesame Street cake for Alex's 1st birthday. Alex turned 2 this year but it wasn't only her birthday but her mom's - Georgette- as well. Georgette actually gave birth to Alex on her birthday! Georgette and Alex is having a double celebration this year and since Alex is into Winnie the Pooh, here is their cake. This is partly inspired and with her permission by my friend Rouv who is a great cake decorator.

Pooh & Piglet

Details of the 2 tiers - 6" and 8" round chocolate cake


I had a day to work on this cake and I wish I had more time to fine tune some things. It's also my first Winnie the Pooh and Piglet gumpaste figure and I do hope it looks like them! My sister thinks Pooh looks a little Chinese heh. Since it is a mother-daughter joint party, I felt it was appropriate to have the two characters hug with two balloons for each one of them. Of course, we can't leave out Pooh's pot of honey and the bees which was Georgette's special request.

Till next time Georgette and Alex...Happy Birthday!


  1. such pretty cake! I love your's so sweet and pretty! I think you nailed winnie pooh & piglet very well! they both look great..! LOL! I laughed at your comment abt pooh looking chinese..i think he looks very much like pooh bear! :)

  2. This is such a cute cake, i love it....

  3. This is so stinking cute! I am throwing my sister a Winnie the Pooh themed baby shower this weekend and wanted to make a Pooh for the top of her cake...but my trials were not proving successful, so I opted for a baby and bees! :) You did a really good job!

  4. Thank you all! Faithy, I'm glad you think Pooh looks like Pooh and not chinese heh!

  5. OOOOH! I´m wordless... Great job!!!

  6. WOW this is the best cake i have ever seen.Wonderful work and those pooh and piglet is looking very cute on top.