Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ben's Alphabet Cupcakes

Last September, I made cupcakes for a baby Rebekah's naming ceremony. This time it's for her brother- Ben who is turning 3. The night before I got an email from Ben's mom, I was actually thinking if Ben's birthday has passed or not. It's just one of those things I remembered from one of the conversation with Ben's dad, Andy.

Ben loves the alphabet and he loves his name too! Particularly the letter B. So the theme for his birthday cupcakes were the alphabet and the B. His mom Julie requested that I form the cupcakes into the shape of a letter B as seen above. Unfortunately, the cupcakes moved during transport after pick up and they had to be brought back to all be re-iced and cleaned up. Lesson learned: never form them into something with space in between for transport. And cupcake boxes with holders are the way to go!

This shot by me. Pardon the bad lighting.

Julie arranging the cupcakes to form a letter B

All photos except the second one above are taken by Andy at the party. Each and every cupcake had a different design representing each letter of the alphabet. They were quite time consuming but I was quite happy with the end result. My little girl loved them too!

Happy Birthday Ben! Thanks again Julie and Andy! Till next time :)

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  1. Hello!

    I absolutely LOVE these cupcakes! Is there any way that you would want to sell and ship the fondont toppers and letters? If not, where did you get the directions for all of the toppers and what did you use to make the upper and lower case letters? Thanks!