Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hermes & Guiseppe

I just got back from a good month break from Manila... home. It was very nice to see old friends and family, and to get some pampering too! While there I did a couple of cakes for family and here's one of them. Photo on top taken before we left for the party...bad lighting!

This cake was for my sister-in-law who was turned 50. She's always wanted a Birkin bag and loves shoes by Guiseppe Zannoti. Since we can't afford the bag nor can her kids, we decided to go with this for her cake. And the shoe was just an add on as well as the twilly, which is also a product of Hermes. To those who don't know (like me prior to doing this), a twilly is a small scarf with many uses. It may be tied around the neck, wrist, hair and even on the bag itself as an accessory. And oh, did you guys know that a Birkin bag is designed to be worn open? Yes, open. Now, I wonder why it comes with a lock? Heh!

The cake. Photo taken at the venue by my nephew Louie. Thanks Lou!

The Lock

Front Straps


The Philippines is a hot and humid country being situated close to the equator. Having lived here in the US for almost 10 years, I almost forgot how humid it gets in Manila especially when it rains. Lucky me, just as I finished this cake, it rains! There goes my gumpaste bag straps! Hence the straps being interlocked vs upright which is how it's supposed to be. Both snapped and being few hours away from the party, my hubby and I fixed it by supporting with wires and patching it up a bit. The fondant was slightly affected too... see the ridges? As for the shoe, I made them a few days earlier which gave it time to dry some but it still started to get soft since the underside wasn't completely dry.

Designed based on an actual Guiseppe Zannoti shoe. All edible except the gems which are cubic zirconia.

My nephew Toby getting a head start on the cake.

My sis-in-law slicing the cake.

Thinking back it was a good experience to do a cake under different conditions. Next time, I think I know what to take back home... a dehumidifier!

Happy 50th Birthday Achi Jojo! We miss you all!


  1. Impressive cake! Your workmanship is awesome! Love the shoes n bag! And all the delicate details!

  2. Thank you Faithy! :) I saw your Prada shoes and you did a good job! And your macarons and other goodies look wonderful!

  3. Thanks! My works are still no where near yours! Your's so meticulously done with all the fine detail works! I'm in awe! :)

  4. THIS CAKE IS FANTASTIC. GREAT WORK. How did you bake your cake to to be able to do the designs? WOW. How did you get the slipper straps to keep standing?

  5. I live in the Turks and Caicos Islands and bake as well and I ADMIRE YOUR WORK.