Monday, August 3, 2009

HMS Warrior Ship 1860

I have never heard of the HMS Warrior Ship till now. I've been on a ship once before, a cruise ship that is. I remember it being big and grand but being me, what I paid attention to most was the food. You can say that I am completely ignorant of the parts of the ship. So when I was commissioned to make a cake for a lovely couple who just got married at the HMS Warrior and the groom is a sailor, I was glued to my laptop for days figuring out the ship. I didn't even know where the stern of the ship was. Now I know!

The official site of the HMS Warrior is www. I was probably the most frequent viewer of this site, viewing different parts of the ship several times a day. However, the site did not provide a photo of the entire upper deck despite them having a virtual tour on the site. I just kept my fingers crossed that things were in the right place. I kept thinking of Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes who always got to go to the site to see the actual piece before he worked on the cake.

Ultra mini bride and groom. I almost forgot this important element. I only had 10 minutes to make them and I somehow made it. But they don't look great but I tried my best!

The Figurehead

The Upperdeck

Another view of the upperdeck

Hard work paid off seeing the reaction of everyone who saw the cake. I recall walking in with the cake and the hostess jaw just dropped open. Servers and even the manager of the restaurant came over to see the cake and took photos. But best of all are the smiles I got from the happy couple. My body was exhausted but my heart was jumping with joy.

Congratulations Michelle and Nick! Wishing you all the best!


  1. wow bru! this must have taken every ounce of patience to make, but you made it and i must say beautifully, too. your cake must have stolen the show that night!

  2. thanks bru :) i tried to be as patient as i can because the groom is a sailor so he knows his ships!