Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Pastrychik Cake

I've been itching to recreate the cake on the business card my sister Tara made for me and I finally got the chance to do so this week. It's similar to the cake I made for Izzie's 1st birthday with a different top. I was rushing to do this before I work on actual cake orders that I didn't sit to think about this cake and everything involved before working on it. I just grabbed a couple of pound cakes I had in the freezer and started working on it. Bad idea! Was so frustrated that I had to repeat the top portion three times! I wanted to throw this cake out the window! Ha!

Overall, I'm happy with how the cake looks even if it's not perfect. I'm glad too that I had to go through those frustrating moments which I should take note of for next time.

Have a great topsy turvy day everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Ano ba, never ever throw an imperfectly good cake out of a window. Throw it inside my mouth! It's super cute, Rheens. Stay inspired. =)